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Electrical Service

For Niverville & Southeast Manitoba


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Beyond residential and commercial, we also serve the industrial sector.



Creating something new? We’d love to lend a hand on the technical side.



Keep everything in order with regular checkups.



Is it up to code? Let’s work together.


Mini Excavator Services

Need work done in a tricky location? Our mini excavator might be perfect for the job. 


Underground Cable Location

Building? Learn what’s just beneath your feet with us.


Power Smart Upgrades

Make your home or business as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.


Generator Installations

Whether for everyday use or as a backup only, ensure everything is in order by hiring a professional.


Surge Protection

Protect your equipment from unwanted power surges or spikes.

Committed to
Reliability & Safety

Trotco Electric strives to be the industry leader in Southeastern Manitoba, with specific focus on new and renewable technologies. We are an ambitious group of individuals committed to growing and evolving with the changing needs of society and the electrical industry.

A company is only as good as its front line workers. Thankfully, every employee at Trotco Electric is committed to workplace safety, professional growth, and skilled service… so all our lines are great!

With a team of 20+ skilled electrical and administrative staff, Trotco Electric is willing and able to handle projects of any size. Trotco Electric is a COR certified company, having implemented a health and safety program that exceeds legislative requirements.

Whether on the job or getting ready for the next one, our team’s focus is safety, as well as efficiency. We’re ready to serve you and look forward to being part of your next project.


Great experience. Extensive electrical upgrade to a 112 year old building. Nothing but great things to share about our experience. Nathan, you have a great team of electricians! Thank you for making me feel 100% worry free about taking on this electrical upgrade.

Service: Electrical panel replacement or upgrading


The electrician was punctual and very polite. He cleaned up well after the job. Bryan communicated well and the price was fair. Great experience.

Service: Electrical wiring installation

Jason Willis

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